Child care

Yet all parents worry about their children’s health.

Most childhood illnesses are minor and others arc easily preventable; inoculations are effective against most infectious diseases. In a baby, however, seemingly minor illnesses can cause complications: a cold that develops into a throat infection, for instance, may cause breathing difficulties. You will be understandably anxious if your child is sickening for something, is ill or has had an accident. Sometimes deciding whether to seek medical help can be equally stressful. Even if your child’s symptoms appear commonplace, you may worry that they are indicative of something more serious. You should never feel that you are being too cautious – if you find yourself wondering whether it is worth consulting the doctor, then you probably should.

An anxious parent faced with a sick child in the middle of the night needs straight forward uncomplicated information and advice.

Throughout this website, the main aim remains the same: to give you enough clear up-to-date information, backed up by your own instincts, to know when to be your own family nurse or doctor and when it is essential to get specialist medical help.

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